2024 Goals

Hi there,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I feel like it came and went in the blink of an eye! Our kiddos were in school right up until 12/22 and we had school parties, “friend” parties, cookie swaps, and more throughout December, and then a quick trip to Florida to visit my husband’s parents and give our girls some “cousin” time with their cousin from New Jersey!

The school schedule was a bit wonky this year and the kiddos are STILL home! So it’s making for a hectic start to 2024!

That being said… I’m SUPER excited for this year.

2023 presented some challenges to say the least!

Interest rates were as unpredictable as the weather in Texas during January! Not to mention some ups and downs in our personal lives.

I also made some BIG changes in terms of real estate as well and have set some pretty lofty goals for 2024! So I figured I’d share them with you and find out what YOUR goals are for 2024!

2024 Real Estate Goals…
I’d love to know what YOUR real estate goals are for 2024… and just to start the conversation, here are some of my primary real estate goals. (My husband and I will be tackling the investment projects together).

Here’s what I’ve got cooking

(in addition to working with my buyers and sellers and amazing referrals that so many of you have sent my way!)

1️⃣ “Flip that House” My husband and I have decided to jump back into flipping more “regularly.” Over the past few years, we would do a couple a year, but we’re looking to ramp that up this year in a BIG way!

With that… comes a lot of “motivated seller marketing” and off-market properties! MOST of the properties we come across won’t fit our criteria, but WILL make for great deals for someone looking to buy their own home, a vacation home, or possibly a long-term rental!

In the coming weeks I’ll be setting up a VIP buyers list and sending out a quick survey. If you’re interested in some off-market deals, be sure to be on the lookout for this!

2️⃣ Long Term Rentals: We’re eyeing to ALSO grab 2-3 properties for some long-term love and growth. So if you know anyone that’s looking to sell their property and it needs a little TLC, this is perfect. Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bell, and Bastrop counties are PERFECT!

3️⃣ Investor Trainings: I’m ready to – once again – guide clients on their real estate investment journey. With over a decade of teaching and training investors, I’m diving back in to the investor training segment! Whether it’s Fix n’ Flip, cozy long-term rentals, multi-units, or even land, I’ve got your back! … and a lender partner that is ALSO an expert in real estate investing and has some GREAT programs (including LLC funding).

4️⃣ Book Bonanza: The grand launch of my Home Buyer and Home Seller books is on the horizon, plus I’m penning down my Investment Book! (Stay tuned for more info on the launch and book signings!)

Let’s make 2024 a year of growth, fun, and property wins!

Comment below, if you would… and let me know what your #1 real estate goal is for 2024. Here are a few that people have already shared with me:

To relocate to the Austin area from ______.
To upgrade/downsize our current home.
To relocate FROM Austin (I have clients moving to other states and even other countries this year).
To purchase your first investment property.
To buy your first home.
A vacation property on the lake, downtown, etc..
Or something else…


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