Buyer Tip: Focus on NEEDS, Not Wants

by Heather Tankersley

It’s easy to get caught up on “Wishlist” items vs. “Must Have” items in your new home…

Here are 3 simple steps to narrow it down:

  • Make a list of the TOP 10 things you want in your new home (ex. “Large kitchen”, “5 bedrooms”, etc.)
  • Now answer the question “why” as specifically as possible (ex. Large kitchen so that we can entertain friends and family for holidays and special events. 5 bedrooms because we have 2 kids, need two offices and a guest room, etc) 
  • Think of any “alternatives” that might work (ex. Great outdoor living space and large yard so we can have outdoor parties, kids could share a room or we could share an office or a large enough master so I can put a desk in the corner, etc.) As you go through, the must haves will rise to the top (and you’ll also think creatively about things you may have to settle on).Only you can decide on the NON negotiables.

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