How To Find A House In Austin Right Now

by Heather Tankersley
How To Find A House In Austin Right Now
Let’s be real…
The Austin market is tough for buyers these days! It seems like every home is “Under Contract” before you have a chance to open your email!
It’s easy to get frustrated and consider throwing in the towel… BUT, it’s not the time to do that because we are only going to see the market continue to appreciate. I just ran numbers for a client who closed on 5/8/2020 for $485K. That home would sell today for $850K – $900K.

close price averageThe average single-family home price in Austin today is $810,521 versus $550,696 in March 2020. And the demand is only increasing.
Next year… who knows how much higher these prices will go? (Elon Musk just increased his job estimates from  5000 – 10,000. That’s ONE company)
Sure, interest rates are ticking up, but the demands continues to grow with more and more companies flocking to Austin and the inventory just can’t support it. So, while we can’t make any guarantees, we can use the data that we have to project that home prices are going to continue to rise in Austin.
Trust me… I get that it’s exhausting when you’re competing against dozens of other buyers. You start to feel like you’re throwing darts at a dartboard, while blindfolded and hoping to hit the bullseye.


So.. the question then becomes:

“HOW DO I FIND A HOUSE In This Crazy Market?”

HOW DO I FIND A HOUSE In This Crazy Market?
The answer is simple: You’ve got to think outside of the box.


I realize that’s cliche. But, it’s true… 

You certainly can (and should) continue to submit offers on homes that are listed on the MLS. But, you shouldn’t JUST be doing that. That’s “passive” house hunting and these times call for an active strategy.

So, here’s where we’re seeing success.

First and foremost, direct mail! I’ve been using direct mail to fuel my investing company for two decades so I KNOW what works…

For example, I sent out 27 letters to a specific street in our neighborhood that my buyers are interested in. Out of 27, I have received 3 calls. So, my clients NOW have multiple options and they are the only one the sellers are talking to right now. No competition… No bidding war… Etc.

Two weeks ago, I sent out 525 letters in another neighborhood for a different buyer and am speaking with several owners.

Heather-TankersleyIf you are serious about buying in the next 90 days, then we need to get on this NOW… Schedule a call with me TODAY so we can schedule your off-market buyer campaign.
Some other things we are doing include:
  • Off-market Farming
  • Absentee Owner Marketing Campaign
  • Targeted Social Media (My husband and I own a 7-figure digital marketing company)
  • And more!

So, here’s the thing… if you’re ready to buy within the next 3-6 months (or sooner), then we need to talk NOW to put together your custom plan. 

To roll this out, I need about 15 minutes of your time. That’s ALL! 

Click here to schedule your call.


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