St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans!

by Heather Tankersley
St Patricks Day

We love holidays around here!

It’s so much fun to do the little things while the kids are still little and let their imaginations run wild… There’s nothing like seeing the joy in the eyes of a child when they experience something “magical”.

And even as they get older, and they realized that Santa Clause and Leprechaun’s aren’t real, there’s still something about the magic of the spirit that makes it a little more fun for just a little while longer!

This year, we have an almost 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old so we’re sort of on the early end for St. Patrick’s Day, but there’s still lots of fun, and a few shenanigans to be had!

A couple of days before St. Patrick’s Day, we started looking at pictures of leprechauns and talking about them being dressed in green, orange beards, rainbows and pots of gold – and gold coins – so they’d have some idea of what we were doing when the day came. We also talked a little bit about what lucky means! 

I took a trip to the Dollar Store and Target and got green and white boas, green sparkly glasses, silly headbands with green, white and orange tubes that dangle down and little hats. We got some of $4.50 t-shirts at Target along with some shamrock stickers, table scatter, window clings and chocolate coins… And a big box of Lucky Charms! 

While they were sleeping, we put some of the foam shamrocks at the bottom of the steps, a few on their art table along with some gold “chocolate” coins, stickers and window clings…

Then, we put some Lucky Charms in their favorite cereal bowls and poured in some green milk and dumped some green sprinkles we had left from Christmas on the table… Then, sitting on the bar stools, we put two of their favorite stuffed animals with boas, glasses, and hats on their heads and hung the rest of the items from the chandelier 

Look how the naughty Leprechauns left our table!

The Leprechauns that visited even left personal cards for each of the girls wishing them a Happy St. Patty’s Day and day full of mischief and fun! 

Personal notes and treats from the leprechauns!

They loved the Lucky Charms, thought the green milk was “icky” and wanted “regular milk” in their bowls! We put window clings on the back door and decorated cards with shamrock stickers. 

Later that day, we went to the park and swung as high as we could on the swings to try to reach for some rainbows. 

Next Year… We’ll make us a leprechaun trap to see if we can catch ourselves our very own leprechaun! 

Here are some St. Patrick Day items you can gather for your mischievous leprechauns:

  • 1 Box of Lucky Charms
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Stickers
  • Window Clings
  • Boas and other things you find at the dollar store! 
  • Hats and/or Headbands
  • Chocolate coins
  • Note cards

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