Thank You

by Heather Tankersley

Thank you for an incredible Fall Festival!

We had over 600 people come out for our first Fall Festival on Saturday and everyone had a great time painting pumpkins, a scavenger hunt, live music with Rudy, and more!  I’ve posted some photos of the event.

We look forward to doing many more family and community events in the future… 

One of the reasons I joined the Magnolia team is because of their commitment to family and community. (And yes, for those of you who asked… it’s THAT Magnolia with Chip and Joanna Gaines at the helm!) 

As part of the commitment to community, I’m going to be sharing a weekly email with local “things to do” with you and a monthly “Things to do” printable that you can keep handy for the month. Some of you may have received our postcards over the past year, but I’ve decided to turn them digital to make it easier for everyone! Stay tuned for November’s Things to Do in the next week 🙂 

Magnolia Journal

As a thank you for such a successful festival, I’d like to give you a year of the Magnolia Journal on me… No strings attached! Just my gift to you for helping make the Fall Festival an incredible event! Just send an email to heathertankersley@magnoliarealty.com with “Magnolia Journal” in the subject line and your name and address.  


New Book

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next 12 months, I invite you to check out my book on Amazon: “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar: Sales and Marketing Secrets from 20 Years in Real Estate”  


I have a handful of copies available at my house with a special report for our local community and I’d be happy to drop one off to you as well. 

Real Estate Help

I started my career in real estate back in 2001 when I did my first flip! I’ve learned a lot along the way, to say the least… I participated in the ups of the market in the early 2000s and was at ground zero when it came crashing down in 2008. What I bring to you is decades of experience, but not only from an agent perspective, but from your perspective as I’ve personally bought, renovated, staged, marketed, and sold dozens and dozens of my own properties and understand what it takes to get top dollar for your home from design and staging, top notch marketing, and effective negotiation! Likewise, when you’re buying, I can not only help you find your perfect home, but also understand the actual costs for upgrades and how to negotiate the best deal for your situation! I look forward to getting to know each of you better and would love to know what kind of events you’d like to see in the community! 

Weekly Events

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I Look Forward to Serving You & Your Family

One of the things I love most about real estate is helping families (whatever family looks like to you) create memories with friends and family members to carry us through the good times and bad times. And what better way to do that then helping you buy your next home or sell your “now” home and help you move onto the next stage of your life. 

Yours In Success,Heather Tankersley

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