How to Price Your Home for Top Dollar

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I know you may be on the fence still about selling your home, but if you ARE considering selling, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… (Scroll to the end where I discuss price bracketing)
There are some clear strategies that have been proven to get you the MOST money for your home, and how to price your home is at the center of it all!
There are a lot of considerations that include:
– What is going on in your local market (street, subdivision, zip code, school zone, etc.?). How much “over asking” your friend across town (or even in another part of the neighborhood) sold for doesn’t necessarily translate to what your home is going to sell for…
– What are the CURRENT comparable sales? Yes, appraisals and closings are trailing the market, but to price well, you’ve got to take into account the most recent ACTUAL activity and price accordingly. The market will tell you if you can get more for your home than the most recent closings…
– How does the home “compare” to other homes in the area?
In other words, does your home need some updates (you’ve got builder’s beige from top to bottom)? Or does it look like a model home in a newer community? (Or somewhere in between)?
– What upgrades/features does your home have? Does your home sit on acreage? Have an extraordinary outdoor living space? Have income potential? Or something else?
– Are there other considerations that could impact the buyer experience?
The good news is that we are still in a great market and commanding top dollar. HOWEVER, it’s important to understand that overpricing your home can negatively impact how much you get for your home.
It’s important to look at the price brackets and price for the bracket below what you hope to sell for.
Example: If you are hoping to get $2.2m for your home, list it just below $2M…
If you’re hoping for $975K, consider pricing at $899,900…
Give me a call or email me today to discuss the right “bracket” for your home for your target number.
Until next time… keep smiling… be kind… and stay safe out there 🙂

P.S. Shoot me a message to set up your strategy session for 2021. There are lots of opportunities for a number of reasons and we’re doing some creative marketing!


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