Lost first tooth milestone – Emma

My Baby Girl is Growing Up!

It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time… seeing you look up at me with those beautiful big eyes.

We’ve gone through a lot of big milestones in our short time together so far…

… your first tooth

… your first smile

… your first giggle

… your first plane ride

… your first vacation

… your first time you crawled

… your first steps

… your first day at school

… your first words

… the first time you slept through the night

… the first time you got sick

… the first time you bumped your head

… and so many more!

But today… I was so happy, and so sad all at once!

Your very first tooth came in when you were just 3 1/2 months old… and today, you lost that very tooth! The tooth that you first used to bite me and laugh!

It had been loose for a while!

We talked lots about hiding it under your pillow, the tooth fairy and how she would bring you money. My goal was to get you excited for this event, and not to be afraid; to want to celebrate it rather than to be uncomfortable.

But, I just wanted to hang on to it for as long as possible… losing it was going to be a visual reminder that you’re growing up, so fast… too fast really!

I would get so upset when your sister would yank the pinky out of your mouth, thinking she was going to pull this tiny tooth out of your mouth and make my little girl grow up that much faster. I cut up your toast. I cut your food into tiny pieces. I was selfish really… It was more for me than for you!!! My only fear for YOU was that it would hurt you, and when your hurt, my heart breaks.

Well, today, we picked you up at school to go to swimming. You were SO sweet and SO excited when I came out to the playground to find you. I scooped you up and we laughed and you told me about your day.

We got to swimming and got changed into your swimsuit and headed off to the pool.

You asked me for “puffs” and I noticed something “different”. Your bottom, loose, tooth was now a missing space!

My heart sank in an instant.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks. HOW could I have missed it… HOW could I have not been there with you the moment it fell out to laugh together, to cry together, to share the moment.

But I wasn’t…

I got so sad for a moment and ran out to the car to see if it was there. I traced every step back to the car, tore apart your carseat and looked everywhere. No sign of it anywhere! I was disappointed to say the least.

But then…

Then I thought to myself, it was so uneventful for my sweet girl. It didn’t hurt her. It didn’t bother her. It didn’t phase her in the slightest.

When you got out of the pool, I scooped you up in your towel and hugged you tight.

I told you how excited I was for you and asked you if you remembered when you lost your tooth.

You told me “at home” and I laughed! You didn’t lose your tooth at home!

We talked about the tooth, the tooth fairy, and that she was going to leave you money under your pillow! You were SO excited and so proud…

I was so happy for you.

You were brave.

You were strong.

You were just amazing.

We went out to dinner and you got Macaroni & Cheese to celebrate and gobbled it up… You ate chips and queso. You ate your mac and cheese. You ate my sandwich. You ate fruit. Sweet potato fries, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, puffs… everything in front of you!

You were so happy and in such a great mood and so excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight to leave you money…

I couldn’t have been more proud of you.

You made me love you even more than I ever thought I could.

Your smile. Your light. And your beautiful spirit reminded me – once again – that you teach me so much every day. I love you so very much that there aren’t even words.

Your tiny tooth is a big milestone for me! Probably not a big deal for you… in fact, it’s been kind of fun for you so far.

And you are SO super cute with your missing tooth!

I love you to the moon and back and I look forward to tackling all of your next milestones together. It’s me and you, kid… today and for always. I love you big girl and I’m so proud of how brave you are.


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