4 Home Buyer Success Stories

Home Buyer Success Story
I wanted to share some positive stories from the trenches!
I know the media (and probably even some friends, relatives, and neighbors) have talked about how crazy the market is… and that’s true in many ways!
But, what’s not true is that you have to let it get you down! YOU CAN get a home in this market! (The home buyer case studies I’ll show you below are all over the Austin area from Kyle all the way north to Round Rock).
In the past 10 days, I’ve had two families close on homes and two more get homes under contract, and we didn’t lose out on dozens of offers beforehand!

So, to give you a little bit of encouragement, here are the “case studies”, if you will!

Family #1
They had their heart set on a home in Steiner Ranch to be close to their best friends. We had lost out on 2 contracts when I sent a very personalized letter campaign to all of the homeowners on the street they wanted to be on.
Yes, we narrowed it down to a single street!

We ultimately got 3 phone calls and two homes that they could choose from without the feeding frenzy/bidding war. In fact, they got their home for $150,000 BELOW the appraised value AND the seller gave them $25,000 in credits for upgrades on the home and covered their home warranty!

Family #2
They had arrived in Austin over the weekend (about 3 weeks ago) and were staying at an AirBnB.
We met on Monday morning to talk about their wishlist, needs, locations, etc. Then, we went house shopping for a couple of hours that afternoon. They identified their home in Circle C and we went back Tuesday morning and I was able to negotiate with the listing agent to get the home off the market the same day!

This one was set to close NEXT Friday, but after Bank of America was having a hard time delivering on an appraisal (They couldn’t get one done!), I turned it over to my local lender partner and she got it closed in just 8 days with a desktop appraisal approval (in other words, the bank didn’t require a formal appraisal), a full 10 days early and they got to move in THIS weekend!

Family #3

This family is a military family who was prepared to go conventional and not use any of the benefits in order to get a home.

They were willing to cash in retirement accounts and pay penalties to get their home. They were looking from Kyle/Buda all the way up to Georgetown and anywhere in between!

We were able to find them a great deal, BELOW market with a a little elbow grease (and by elbow grease, I mean a really deep clean and a full paint and landscape).

Family #4
This couple is working on selling their business and moving to TX to be closer to their kids and grandkids.
Seller is also covering the title policy.
There are several homes that are either under contract or recently closed that are 5-10% higher, giving them a little bit of equity at closing!
So, home buyer, if you’re ready to GET A HOME, let’s chat and get a plan together!

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