7 Tips to Purchase Your Home in 2021

There’s no doubt that by now you know that the Austin real estate market is going crazy!
However, that shouldn’t discourage you from taking advantage of the market and the appreciation. Experts are predicting that we are going to see similar trends for the next couple of years as more and more people move to the area!
The question THEN becomes… “HOW do I get in on this market ASAP?”
There’s no shortage of opinions from various online sources, but it’s important to understand the local market versus national narrative. Even within the greater Austin area, things are different in different parts of town and neighborhoods throughout the area.
Here are 7 Tips to Purchase Your Home in 2021 (and if you’re looking to move within Austin)
  1. Prepare to have patience. We’re seeing competition at all different price points.
  2. Know what your limits are. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and push beyond your comfort level.
  3. Understand what waiving contingencies** actually means… ** SUPER IMPORTANT.
  4. Pinpoint exactly where you want to be (preferably, neighborhood or subdivision level).
  5. Know where you’re willing to bend and what items are “non-negotiables” on your wishlist.
  6. Write a personal letter (try to tug at the heartstrings and make it emotional). If you need help with this, I have a 10-minute interview strategy that can help you create this!
  7. Make sure your agent knows how to find “off-market” listings and is aggressive with marketing to find your home. (NOTE: I have 20+ years experience in marketing for homes with our investment properties and have dialed this down to a science)**
— We had a client closing yesterday who was able to get into their home WITH 8-10% equity at closing;
— We have another closing on Tuesday with clients who are getting in with ~ 10-15% equity at closing;
Neither of these was traditional MLS listings so we weren’t competing with 20-50+ offers for the same home.

I’m scheduling 15-minute Zoom strategy sessions this week. If you’re planning on moving in 2021, then I’d suggest getting a plan together now. Click here to schedule.


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