Here’s how Dan and Sarah got Their House

by Heather Tankersley
Here's how Dan and Sarah got their house
It can be frustrating out there for buyers right now! (Keep reading for a solution!)
A typical scenario might look something like this: 
  • Property goes on the market on Thursday or Friday;
  • Buyer goes to see the property (or does a Facetime tour);
  • Buyer decides to make an offer and has NO idea what it’s going to take to get it done so they swing for the fences, pulling out all the stops. 
They do things like… 
… a full appraisal waiver; 
… SUPER short option period (kind of like an inspection period in TX);
… Offer 30-60-90+ day leasebacks to the seller; 
… High deposits;
… Write a personal letter; 
… and MORE
And they STILL lose out on the home. 
Every time this happens, it gets a little more frustrating and makes you wonder if you’re ever going to get a home in this market!Here's how Dan and Sarah got their house
Well, it doesn’t have to be this hard! There’s a better way…
You see, I’ve been investing in real estate for over 20 years and the way to make great money flipping homes is to find OFF-MARKET homes that you aren’t competing with dozens of other potential buyers. And I’m able to take this experience and use it to help YOU find your home! 
In this market, I’ve been using the same strategy to help my buyers find off-market homes (NOTE: There are other things that we can do to give you the edge on LISTED homes if you find one you love!). 
Right now, I have a client under contract on a home that was never listed! In fact, they have TWO homes that they could essentially choose from (and may ultimately close on both and turn around and sell one for a small profit)!
So here’s what we did…
We sent a VERY targeted mailer. I’m talking to only 26 homeowners! 
I used a very specific system and letter that has been proven to work for me for over a decade and a half. 
I got 3 homeowners to call me. That’s an 11.5% response which is crazy high! 
The one they ultimately decided to buy (Yes, the buyer got to choose instead of competing against a dozen or more offers) was: 
  • Significantly less than it would have been if it had gone on the market (Seller had a price in mind and matched it so everyone was happy);
  • No appraisal waiver; 
  • $25,000 credit back for upgrades (paint, flooring, fixtures, etc.);
  • $350 for 7-day option period;
  • Home warranty included;
  • And more!
The seller didn’t have to go through the hassle of getting their home ready for market. The buyer didn’t have to participate in a bidding war. 
Now, THIS is only one strategy I have for finding you the perfect home… My last buyer also got their home “off-market” and had over $50,000 equity in the home on the day of closing! We used a totally different strategy for this one. 
If you’re either tired of the bidding war OR you simply don’t want to go down that road, give me a call. We have multiple ways to get you a home in this market without the frustration and stress! 

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