Is it possible to get a home in Austin?

by Heather Tankersley
Is it possible to get a home in Austin?

I know there’s a lot of chatter about the Austin real estate market, and the real estate market in general!

Is it possible to get a home in Austin? Are we in a bubble? How long are prices going to continue to rise? Should I hold out for the “foreclosures” to hit? And so on… by the way, if YOU have any questions, please do feel free to reach out to me!

Here’s the truth: we’re in a strong housing market with all predictions pointing to the next few years of a really strong market, meaning high demand and lots of people moving into the area.

But to answer my question in the subject: YES, it IS possible to get a home in Austin and it really doesn’t have to be that hard!

So, this simply means, we’ve got to get creative and do things differently. This is where I come in! 

I’ve been investing in real estate since right around 2001. And the majority of my success has been through my marketing. I’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses and personally done tens of millions in real estate flips and rentals.

So, I’ve got a secret weapon for this market and that is: DIRECT MAIL! 

I’m not talking about sending out a couple of hundred postcards and calling it a day. I’m talking about a strategic campaign that consists of direct mail letters, postcards, sending a copy of my book (you can find it on Amazon), and more! 

Not sure if it’ll work for you?

For one family, I sent out a highly targeted/specific campaign to a subdivision. I got 3 calls from sellers and we have one under contract… and if that falls through, we have another backup ready to go! (That was after we’d lost several homes to other buyers)

Next week, I’ll share their case study and how we can do the same for you. But, you don’t have to wait until next week… we can start working on it together now… 

If you’re ready to GET A HOME under contract (and not have to do all the things below), let’s chat and get a plan together!

Until next time… keep smiling… be kind… and stay safe out there 🙂

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