Labor Day 2020

by Heather Tankersley

I just wanted to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Labor Day! 

Labor Day Weekend

It’s sort of the “official kick off” to fall for most of us where weather starts to cool off (we’re only forecasted to be in the low 90s for the next week here in Austin! WOO HOO)!

And while it might not be like “normal” years with big parties and celebrations, we can still enjoy some time with friends and loved ones – albeit with a little distance!  

Here are a few ideas to have a little fun with family and friends this Labor Day weekend, while still staying safe!

It’s easier for adults to grab a cocktail and stand 6 feet apart than it is for kids! So if you’ve got little ones, consider hosting a culdesac get together with activities setup for kids so parents can relax!

Here are some of the activities we did for my daughter’s 5th birthday party just last weekend:

Labor Day celebration
  • Set up chalk “stations” separated by bright colored paper so they can still play side by side.
  • Create an obstacle course out of colored duct tape. We created different LARGE shapes in the culdesac and then taped pictures next to them. 
  • Get each kid a bottle of bubbles and let them run around and have some fun blowing bubbles into the air!

Anyways, no matter what you do… enjoy the long weekend. Take a deep breath. We’ve made it to September 2020!

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Until then, keep smiling… be kind… and stay safe out there 🙂 

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