What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?

Subject: What are you looking for?

FR: Heather Tankersley
RE: What are you looking for (in your new home?)

A couple of days ago, I sent out an email with a few questions that would help me narrow your search!

In case you missed them – or we haven’t had a chance to discuss – here they are again:

   •   How do you like to spend your free time?
   •   Will you have a daily commute?
   •   Are schools/daycares important to you?
   •   What type of community do you want to live in?
   •   What are the top 3 things you MUST have in your home

And don’t worry… if we’ve already had a chance to talk, then I’ve got you covered on this!

But TODAY, you get to work on your giant wishlist (we probably won’t be able to get EVERYTHING on your list, but we’ll do our best to get as much as possible!)

#1: Be sure you’re getting property alerts. You’ll get regular property alerts curated by Magnolia. It’s best to start with big picture things like price, square footage, beds and baths, and we can narrow down as we go! Mark your favorites when you see them and I can use that to do some personal searching for you!

If you’re not getting them, text me at 561-459-9203 and let me know. I’ll get that fixed straight away.

#2: Now… take a few minutes and write down EVERYTHING you can think of… no item is too big or too small!

You’ll want to keep this handy as we go so that you can add to it, re-prioritize, etc. And as you start to see homes come through, you’ll get an idea of what’s possible in your area(s), price range, etc. We might not be able to get everything you’re hoping for on your wishlist, but we’ll be sure to get the “must haves” and hit as many of these as possible!

By the way, if you haven’t already emailed me the answers to the above questions, no worries, we can update your specific locations once you do.

Until next time… Be Kind… Keep Smiling… and Stay Safe!


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