A few things Chip Gaines said really struck me

by Heather Tankersley
A few things Chip Gaines said really struck me

Each week, I try to send out useful information regarding what’s going on in real estate, market updates, Austin-area info, and even some “happy holiday” emails, but this week, I thought I’d share a little bit more of the “personal” side and my “Magnolia Journey.”

This past Wednesday, we had our first “quarterly” Magnolia Realty meeting in Waco in a year and a half. On my drive up, I listened to “Capital Gaines,” by Chip Gaines in the car and a few things really struck me. He kept talking about:
  • Passion and what makes you excited each and every day… and whether we are truly following our purpose and our passion. It really got me thinking about what’s most important.
  • Authenticity… I think this just jumped out at me as he talked about being real… being who you are… and trying to be the best version of the real you and remembering to stay true to you!

Then, during our meeting, Chip said something else that hit me again (and yes, Chip Gaines is exactly the same in person as he is on the TV screen in case you’re wondering)!

He said: “I believe y’all are exceptional. And I think that you’re incredibly gifted. And I would say that I believe literally that you have been brought here for a specific reason.”

I do believe that things happen for a reason. Whether you believe in God, a ‘universe’, fate, or just good fortune, I don’t think it was by accident that I was brought to Magnolia. You see, I’ve had my real estate license since 2005 in Florida and since 2015 in Texas, but in 2019, I was ready for something “different” than I’d always done. Magnolia was that!

The biggest synergy with Magnolia was simple in the beginning, considering my experience in doing our own fixer-uppers. It was easy to make the connection to the brand and to talk with authority on one of the big things that people love to talk about: Home Renovation! 

Even now, my husband and I always have our own “fixer upper” or two (or three) going on at any given time, so it was a natural fit from that perspective… and still is! (speaking of passion and what gets me up… I LOVE to turn something ugly into something beautiful.)

But what’s kept me with Magnolia is a bigger story. And it is why people flock to the Silos in Waco or are drawn to the Magnolia Network.

I remember when I interviewed with my now broker… the thing that struck me was “authenticity”. He started asking me about my family, hobbies, etc. We didn’t even talk about the business side of things until much later in the conversation.

I came home and told my husband that “it just felt right”; that these were good people… a different kind of real estate!” Whether I joined forces with Magnolia or not, I had been touched by the spirit and the kindness of the company and I was a better person for that single interaction.

And that continues to this day.

When I get on the phone each morning with our Magnolia team throughout Texas, I feel encouraged and energized, and ready to face whatever that day brings…

When I step into our office meeting each week, I leave feeling grateful for the people I get to work with each and every day, both as colleagues and clients.

I’m constantly reminded of what it means to act with integrity, to do the right thing, and to go the extra mile, just because… Not because it’s required. Not because I’m looking for something in return, but because I want to! And that’s something that runs through the Magnolia culture. 

For example… Last year, a client of mine was diagnosed with cancer 2 days after closing.

But, by then, she was more than a client. She was a friend. We had only met in person once, but we just had a connection, and I was blessed to be on the journey with her. There were many times she’d call me early in the morning (like 5am!!!) because she just needed someone to talk to while she was alone in a hospital bed, locked down in isolation due to COVID.

I laughed with her and cried with her.

We Facetimed during the early days of COVID while our kids did Cosmic Yoga together!

Her one wish was to have Joanna Gaines do a Facetime makeover on their home. As you can imagine, Jo gets a LOT of requests, but I reached out anyway to see if there was anything at all that we, as Magnolia, could do.

Without hesitation, the director of Magnolia Realty got on it and within a few days, she received a care package, complete with a personalized sign from Jimmy Don who took the time to write her a personal message. She was so blown away and said over and over again “I can’t believe that Magnolia had thought of ME”. 

She lost her battle with cancer earlier this year and I was able to help her husband fulfill their dream of renovating their home and creating the beautiful space she’d envisioned for her family.

THAT is what being a part of Magnolia is about… Long after the “business” of buying and selling is done, it’s the relationships that remain.

Sure… Real estate has its ups and downs.  I have days where I think, “What in the world am I doing?” or “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” and then I meet a client who is transitioning to the next phase of their life and realize that I was put in their path for a reason, just like Magnolia was put into mine.

Sometimes, it’s simply about finding someone a home quickly because they’ve been relocated to Austin and need a house or they simply want to get in on the hot market here!

But other times, it’s helping someone take advantage of opportunities in front of them, take a life-changing step where they move to a new city with only a hope and a dream. It’s taking the “house” stress off during probate or divorce or a job transfer or helping someone invest in real estate.

It’s about finding solutions, always acting with integrity and doing what’s right.

Some days are difficult and we have to make hard calls and do hard things that test our resolve… that test our commitment… that make us question things. And that’s okay…

We’ve all had a tough 18 months and for some of us, we’ve been shaken to the core. For others, we’ve been able to find calm in the storm.  But one quote from Joanna sticks out: “If you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in the beauty, either.” 

So as we come to the other side of this, there’s much to be grateful for. There is much to reflect on. And I encourage us to look for the beauty in life around us.

I look forward to the future. Our paths have crossed for a reason and it’s my sincerest hope that we can come together for whatever is next for you!

P.S. Let’s put your plan in place… Schedule a call here.

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